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I come from a very sporty family, started weight lifting with focus when I was 21 and as a student I gave up drinking and ate clean. All I wanted was to switch paths and become a personal trainer but was under pressure to finish my degree. Then, gap year, marriage and 2 kids happened. In between it all I landed my dream (corporate) job at the age of 28, working 15-18hr days, I travelled a lot, wined and dined and entertained constantly. Before I knew it 13kg had crept on to my relatively small frame - that's 20% more of me! I was tired, often ill, extremely moody and irritable, anxious and just generally in a bad state of health. After a very stark wake-up call and some gentle nudging from my family I signed up with a personal trainer and then  entered a transformation challenge run by one of the big supplement brands. I put my head down, lost 9kg, put on some muscle, completely changed my body composition and ultimately won the challenge.

I've competed in multiple disciplines, including Obstacle Course Racing, stage show (bikini division), triathlon, long distance cycling, swimming and mid-long distance road/trail running events - all of which have taught me valuable lessons about endurance, perseverance, the body's ability to keep going long after you feel like quitting, and most importantly how fitness and health is a lifestyle, not a finish-line. I studied Exercise Science and Nutrition through HFPA and left my corporate career behind to pursue a 14-year-long dormant passion - helping others achieve their sport, health and fitness goals.  

I started my career in sales and marketing in the IT industry and very quickly realised how unhappy I was. My training and sports however is what kept me going. Exercise has always played such a strong role in my life - rugby, cricket, gym  motorcross, racing bikes - and I realised that it was such a crucial part of who I was. I had a few very influential people in my life help me realise that this was my true passion. To add to this I also had a natural interest in the human anatomy and nutrition. So I decided to make a change.

I now love what I do - I love being a personal trainer and helping others achieve amazing fitness and physique results. I want to share with others the feeling I get from training, the euphoria after a great workout and the positive roll-on effect it has through all aspects of my life. It is my passion to help others feel great about their bodies and their self image, to feel fit and strong  and just live healthier lifestyles.

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I started training about 9 years ago, mainly because I was unhappy with the way I looked: my proportions and body composition (fat vs muscle), and felt heavy for my small frame. I overhauled my lifestyle, which included changing my diet and finding a Personal Trainer, and realised how game-changing it is to have someone guide you and push you beyond your comfort zone.

Teaching others has always been a passion of mine, and with the motivation of my current Personal Trainer, (who has played a major role in my transformation) I decided to take up the opportunity to help and guide others on their fitness journey. I too want to add value to others' lifestyle, help achieve body composition goals, and inspire others to make better health decisions. I am now a certified Personal Trainer and am grateful for the opportunity to work at this AMAZING place.

Marjorie Alexander